spring highlights

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Spring has been in the air for a while now, with the cherry blossom trees starting in February and the days lasting well into the evening. Growing up in Ontario my favorite season was always fall because of the beautiful colors and crisp air. Since moving west, this spring time weather is taking a close second. It is always so exciting to see all the local produce start to pop up again and after eating root veggies all winter long, I perk up at the sight of baby greens, radishes, carrots and asparagus. This spring has also been a time of year that is social and all about new beginnings. Here is a list of my spring highlights:

one. Gardening. This is something I always knew I would love doing but just never had the courage to jump into. I decided this year I would learn as much as I could about gardening and try growing herbs and veggies. Since we decided to have our wedding at Logans dads property, we have been up there helping on the farm as much as we can. While Logan is helping his dad with the electrical and mowing the lawns, I have been gaining confidence in the flower beds and produce garden. My potted herbs at home have also been a complete success, filling my fridge with all the pesto we can handle. Turns out I do have a green thumb.

spring highlights


spring highlights

two. New beginnings. This spring has brought on so many new and exciting beginnings for the people in my life. New babies, engagements, relationships, retirement and new home owners have all popped up in the last couple of months for my loved ones. This ¬†year has brought on so much excitement and risk taking with friends and family with long conversations full of nothing but support and encouragement for one another. It really is the most comforting feeling and I couldn’t be happier or more proud of my little community.

three. Our own new beginning. This has been one of the most comforting times in my life, both at home, at work, over the phone and on my own. As our wedding date gets closer and closer I feel like the love and support gets stronger both in our relationship and with ourselves. I have been taking moments to really look at the ambitious career Logan has created for himself and realizing that it is one of his most endearing qualities. He puts 100% into it while happily helping and supporting me in starting my own business plans. This is a good little team.

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  • Alissa
    May 20, 2015

    Great post! It makes me so excited for spring!

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