By Monday, July 27, 2015 0 0

  Making : dill pickles Drinking : hot water with lemon...still Wanting : lunch date with the ladies Looking : for ketchup recipes Sharing : my freshly jarred jam Playing : dance music loudly Wishing : my mom could stay a bit longer Enjoying : date nights at the farmers market Dreaming : of my future B&B Loving : all the produce in season Needing : to get my to-do list checked off today Smelling : nothing. my allergies have kicked in again. Wearing : sun hats everyday Following : vegan bloggers Noticing : how much i really love planning Craving : watermelon all day Opening : my new soap molds Feeling : loved xo


By Monday, July 6, 2015 0 0

Making : strawberry jam Drinking : fruit wine Wanting : to be at the lake Looking : for glass jars Sharing : the kitchen with Logan Planning: too many things Wishing : for a bit of rain Enjoying: fresh picked cherries Liking: this sunshine Loving : being a wife Needing : to make a meal plan Smelling : everything in bloom Wearing : sun hats everyday Noticing : how busy this summer is Craving : watermelon Opening : my new soap supply shipment! Feeling : pure bliss